Tuesday, February 3, 2009

1 Year Old !!!!

Happy 1st Birthday Thomas!!

We're in shock that we have a child that has just turned ONE! It's amazing how fast the time flies now that Thomas is with our family. Thomas seemed to have a very long (4 day) birthday celebration since it was good weather so we had a great party, went to the Fort Worth Zoo, and attended the annual Fort Worth Stock Shows. If he was old enough, he would have watched the Super Bowl, too! He apparently was born during a very busy time of year - he was born on Groundhog Day. (Great movie!)

Hanging out with Mom and playing with the leaves. Yes, this is January, but this is also Texas. One day warm, one day cold.

To get the mail in January, requires a little bundling! It was cold!!

We've trained him well!! Need a drink??

Check out his cowboy profile! We had to get a cowboy hat for the Fort Worth Stockshows!

This smirk is ALLLL DADDY!!

Thomas' version of bathroom reading.
The gate was intended to keep Thomas IN!

FUTURE FIDELITY EMPLOYEE!! Already being trained to take calls!

Friday, January 2, 2009

NO BITING THOMAS!!!! Biting his way to 11 Months!

What a wild month December was for our family! Thomas had many highlights as his parents were relentlessly trying to do it ALL for his holiday season with family pictures here, there, and everywhere!!! We had brunch with Santa, our church's stake music festival with a party afterwards, TONS of pictures around the Christmas tree, the usual family 'leaf picture' in the Botanic Gardens with 1 new member, Thomas' first passport and flight and making peek-a-boo friends, snow, snow, snow in Calgary, annoying (for Thomas) car rides with too many layers, witnessing a live nativity in the freezing cold and falling snow, 2 Christmas eves and 2 Christmas days, New Year's eve.... oh wait... we really didn't get one of those, and New Year's Day cleaning up the lawn and the garage. From below freezing to wearing short sleeves, it's been a fun month!!!

Ignoring all of the craziness, what a thrill it was been to teach our child of Christ's birth. We look forward to teaching him about his life and why we are so grateful for his life on earth and continual presense in our lives.

Thomas was not too sure about the old guy in red.

Thomas became a reindeer and didn't like it!

Our family at the Santa BrunchOH DEAR! Another Mr. Young behind the wheel of a BMW.
For a child that had never touched a wheel of car, he quickly caught on.
(not sure about that look on his face??)

On our way to the church music festival 2008
Asleep with George on the plane.
Thomas' Great Great Uncle Jack made this wooden horse for him and he LOVES it!

We're a bit deep in the snow in Daddy's parents' backyard.

Thomas' first snowsuit plunge into the snow.

First Merry-Go-Round at Chinook Centre
Yea for bundling and layer.... NOT!
Thomas met his Great Great Auntie Connie
Family pictures in front of Grandma and Grandpa Young's fireplace - so exciting!

Freezing to see the church's live Nativity in Calgary!

Three generations of YOUNG MEN!

Given an open bowl of cheerios while sitting ON TOP of a table???
Grandma is not thinking??

Mountie the Moose at the Calgary Airport

Playing Silent Night on Christmas Eve

~ Happy New Years 2009 ~

Thomas is proudly wearing a t-shirt from Aunt Christine, which says:
My ROOTS are Canadian
(Roots is a Canadian store)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

10 Months old and talking up a storm!

Time for winter clothes!! And the theme is football - of course! We do live in Texas!!!

Curious George has become the new best friend. Must hold hands while sleeping ya know.

Then, you need your own space.

Really good and scooting around. Not quite sure on the crawling thing yet. Can you tell this child is already used to posing for pictures?

Must sneak a bathtime picture in every-so-often!

First official box toy, which Mommy used to make for her brother.

I'm waving and have totally forgotten that Mommy made a hat out of ads and put it on my head!

Thanksgiving 2008..... of course MUST include Football here in Texas!!!!

A little father - son time: First - the practice

The pass
The touchdown
Outside for the game:
The near fumble, but Thomas held tight!