Tuesday, February 3, 2009

1 Year Old !!!!

Happy 1st Birthday Thomas!!

We're in shock that we have a child that has just turned ONE! It's amazing how fast the time flies now that Thomas is with our family. Thomas seemed to have a very long (4 day) birthday celebration since it was good weather so we had a great party, went to the Fort Worth Zoo, and attended the annual Fort Worth Stock Shows. If he was old enough, he would have watched the Super Bowl, too! He apparently was born during a very busy time of year - he was born on Groundhog Day. (Great movie!)

Hanging out with Mom and playing with the leaves. Yes, this is January, but this is also Texas. One day warm, one day cold.

To get the mail in January, requires a little bundling! It was cold!!

We've trained him well!! Need a drink??

Check out his cowboy profile! We had to get a cowboy hat for the Fort Worth Stockshows!

This smirk is ALLLL DADDY!!

Thomas' version of bathroom reading.
The gate was intended to keep Thomas IN!

FUTURE FIDELITY EMPLOYEE!! Already being trained to take calls!

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andi said...

Augh, a year???? And what a great year it's been! (I notice you have the Chicco stroller...do you like it? That's what we have been looking at. Sidenote, sorry.) And his birthday shoes are awesome!